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Hi, I’m Howard Cannon of Restaurant Consultants of America.

Since 1987, we have served the Restaurant Industry by offering world-class quality Consulting Services, Books, Speeches & Seminars, Products and Introductions.

We have Expert Consultants that cover every state of the United States of America and several countries around the globe and we are always bringing on more of America’s best restaurant talent. We have a wide-variety of restaurant experts with strengths in every discipline and area of expertise.

We know Restaurants and we know how to analyze restaurant situations; operate all types of restaurants; and, consult and advise restaurant owners, operators and executives, regardless of the size or type of restaurant business that they operate or aspire to operate.

We have a simple Creed that we live by:

#1 – We only take on clients that we feel comfortable with and projects that we are highly-confident that we can and will deliver results on.

#2 – We always provide a FREE Initial Consultation, Analysis & Quote; and, once we have determined to do business together, we always provide a well-written, easy-to-understand Consulting Services Agreement that both parties believe in and are committed to, so that there is never any question as to each party’s role, responsibilities, time frames or costs associated with the entire relationship.

#3 – Our clients come from every walk of life (including Fortune 500 executives, private family businesses, star athletes, media personalities, doctors, lawyers, bankers, and developers - just to mention a few). We guarantee absolute confidentiality and anonymity for each and every client. We do not share names, numbers, or information regarding any of our clients or any thing about their businesses – ever! Nor do we provide a listing of past or current clients, so as to be sure to protect their rights and privacy.

#4 – We work very hard, play fair, speak honestly and candidly, do what’s right, do what we say we are going to do, expect others to do what they say they are going to do, set high standards, demand excellence, and deliver results. We are DRIVEN & INTENSE and we believe there is no place in business for “jelly-fish” or those who are afraid to hear the truth, even when it hurts.

#5 – We offer our clients restaurant expertise that can be trusted and we go above and beyond the call of duty to constantly and continually stay on top of all restaurant industry trends, comparisons and averages so that we know what every type of restaurant concept should be able to achieve.

#6 – We demand integrity, honesty, professionalism and “heart-felt” concern for the restaurant industry and the people that work in it. Our world-famous books are found in 76 countries around the globe and are read by tens of thousands of people. We take the responsibility of being good stewards of this industry very seriously so that our clients and others in the business can trust that we “know our stuff”, that we are people of our word, and that we will be around for many years to come.

#7 – We guarantee client satisfaction and deliver the results that we promise.

Feel free to contact us anytime – we love talking about restaurants and the restaurant business.

Best regards,
Restaurant Consultant, Howard Cannon
Howard Cannon
Restaurant Consultants of America

We Work With-
Fortune 500 Chains to Independents
Franchisors & Franchisees
Lawyers, Bankers
Developers & Investors
We Work In-
Fast Food to Fine Dining 
& Every Concept in Between
ONLY Restaurants & Bars
We Have Worked In-
Every US State
Mexico, Canada
Europe, Asia & India
Services Offered-
Start-up Services
Expert Witness Services
Extreme Turn Around
Site Selection
Business Planning
Concept Design
Menu Design
Building Design
Funding Services
Investor Acquisition
Marketing & Branding
Logo Design
Franchising & Sales
Profit Improvement
Buying, Selling & Exit
Operational Improvement
USA & International Growth
HR & Training
Purchasing & Vendors
Mergers & Acquisitions
Recruiting & Retention
Food & Labor Controls
VC & Angel Funding
Franchisee Evaluations
& More
We Offer-
On-Site Consulting
Telephone Coaching
Hourly & Long-term Projects
A Performance Guarantee
& Flexible Payment Options
FREE Initial Consultation,
Analysis & Quote


Terms, conditions, rates, and expenses may differ on various projects.
Please refer to your executed services agreement for specific terms and conditions as they apply to your project.